We believe that building something useful means building something beautiful as well. Great design naturally leads to great functionality. Our apps are created with the user experience our top priority because we are users ourselves.

  • Clean

    Clutter means bad design. We keep things clean to enhance the user experience.

  • Current

    Our apps are designed with modern trends in mind.

  • Classic

    The comma is as much a piece of typographical art as it is functional punctuation. We strive to create apps that capture that same ideal.

Our Team

More like a fellowship

We have each others back which means we also have yours. We love new adventures and put our all into our work.

  • Zach Smoroden

    Lead Developer
  • Grant Bielefeld

    Lead Designer
  • Caleb Munro

    Lead Creative


Crafted with ♥ by us

We will challenge ourselves with everything that we do.


Easy excuses right at your fingertips.

Do you often find yourself at social engagements where you don’t have a good enough reason to leave, so you just endure it like the trooper you are all while yearning to heed the call of a solo Netflix session? Do you find yourself giving crappy excuses to leave said social engagements that everyone sees right through because you suck at lying? Let us do the work for you! We’ll send you pre-set text messages or call your phone with fun and airtight explanations to get you out of your lame work parties, weird Tinder dates, or awkward family gatherings with just the right excuse for your purposes. We make deception fun!


Have an idea? We can help you refine it and get it out into the world.

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